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Jus Wright is a multi-talented artist and producer based out of Seattle, WA. Wether he is Solo or supported by a band, his passionate and dynamic performances infuse Reggae and Hip hop with acoustic elements that move crowds and leave music fans feeling connected, inspired, and uplifted. Many are often left wondering, "Why haven't I heard of you yet?!" If you haven't, you're in for a treat.


His uplifting and empowering stage presence has taken him all over the world, playing shows and festivals like Volume Fest, Flow Fest Hawaii, Bali Spirit Fest, Shangri-La, California World Fest.

Jus Wright has shared the stage with artists like Dustin Thomas, Chris Berry, Trevor Hall, Cas Haley, Satsang, and Wookiefoot. With songs like "Do It For The Love" Jus Wright expresses the longing to see us rise above the rat race to find purpose and the freedom to pursue what we love to do while making it difficult not to dance and singing along.


Jus Wright is an artist who uses music to express authenticity and optimism in the face of darkness. His music reminds us that life is a journey with hills and valleys, but does it in a way that allows us to let loose, enjoy the moment, and keep working hard and moving forward. This is an artist that you are not going to want to miss.

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